Oil & Filter Changes Near Oxford, AL

Quick Oil Changes and New Oil Filters at Benton Nissan of Oxford, AL

When you're driving your Nissan, and you see the "service required" light come on, it’s time to think of your car going to the spa. Your car will get serviced for anything that is abnormal and most importantly, it's going in for a new oil change. The thought of getting new synthetic oil is making your Nissan fall in love with servicing. We’ll change your oil, filling your car with the factory recommended synthetic or conventional oil that will keep it running smoothly and free of sludgy buildup, and we’ll use a Nissan-approved oil filter too! At Benton Nissan of Oxford, the technicians will give your Nissan TLC and work hard to ensure every drive you take is as smooth as silk until your next oil change interval. Located at 1834 Hwy 78 East, Benton serves beautiful Anniston, Alabama. Benton Nissan of Oxford sets their prices competitively, so you will never be nickel and dimed for hidden fees. The highly trained staff at Benton Nissan of Oxford’s Service Department will give your Nissan synthetic or conventional oil of premium quality so you can be back on the road in no time!

Serving: Anniston, AL

Benton Nissan of Oxford is located in Oxford, AL and serves Anniston and the nearby Alabama communities with excellent Nissan service and maintenance. Benton Nissan of Oxford delivers excellence in customer service and has an amazing staff of technicians to deliver excellent results! Don't take your car to anywhere else! At Benton Nissan of Oxford, your car is treated like a king and will be given the best oil possible!