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Benton Nissan of Oxford, AL Tire Repairs and Installations

When you first got a Nissan, you noticed how smooth the drive was. As time goes on, you noticed that drive is not as smooth as before, and your turns are not as crisp as they use to be. Why, might you ask? Because the threads on the tires are being worn down over time. Tires, like any other part of your Nissan vehicle, need servicing also. At Benton Nissan of Oxford’s Service Center, our technicians will give your Nissan some TLC – that’s “Tire Loving Care”. We will inspect your tires’ tread, ensure you have the right Psi, rotate your tires, and mount new tires if necessary. Located at 1834 Hwy 78 East, Benton Nissan of Oxford serves beautiful Anniston, Alabama. Benton Nissan has fair, competitive pricing for all tire services, so you will never be nickel and dimed for hidden fees. Benton Nissan of Oxford carries top-tier tire brands such as Michelin and Firestone so you can rest assured that your tires are top of the line ones!

Serving: Anniston, AL

Benton Nissan of Oxford is located in Oxford, AL and serves Anniston, Alabama and the surrounding areas. Benton Nissan of Oxford’s Service Department delivers excellence in customer service and has an amazing staff of technicians to deliver excellent results! Don't take your Nissan to a 3rd party garage. Benton Nissan of Oxford has proven time and time again that their services do not disappoint!